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Richard Clarke: A case study in workplace happiness

What's the secret to workplace happiness? English entrepreneur Richard Clarke has made this question the driving force behind operations at his company, Secret Source. After years of research, he has successfully unlocked the formula for creating IT teams everyone loves working with.

Koldo Ugarte: Testing his way to business growth

Spanish entrepreneur Koldo Ugarte, co-founder of the digital consulting agency Living Crowdland, is fully committed to growing through experimentation. His commitment to testing led him to establish two additional ventures to use as proving grounds for novel ideas and alternative work systems.

Ofir Arad: Shaping the future of stroke treatment

Israeli-born chemist Dr. Ofir Arad is developing an innovative device that could change stroke patients' lives. With highly promising clinical trials, the company he co-founded, Anaconda Biomed, is shining a light on the future of stroke treatment.

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